I can’t emphasize enough how getting the right battery powered, rechargeable, rotary shear will speed up the install of these high performing interlayer products.

The installer used and really liked this heavy duty, high rotating speed model:

Emery Model MB-60 Cost $270 Extra Battery $90 extra blade $20.
Golden Cutting and Supply, 921 E 8th St, LA, CA 90021
800.868.4419, 213.623.8805, 213.623.8813 Fax
David Akhamzadeh, [email protected], Web: goldstartool.com

Another one is not as robust, but was used very effectively for small jobs and for utility cuts and is readily available where Skil products are sold or on Amazon.

Skil Model 2352 Power Cutter FO122352AB  3.6V  RPM 240/Min

Other sources:

This is the Bosch model. I can’t find a distributor in the US.