Paving Reinforcing Grid definition

Properly installed Paving Reinforcing Grids create a stress absorbing interlayer which retards crack reflection and extends pavement life. It is then covered with an asphalt overlay. Paving Reinforcing Grids are millable and recyclable. The tensile ratings of these products are much higher [50 & 100 kN] than conventional Paving Fabrics or Paving Mats, therefore, their reinforcing attributes are much greater. PRG’s are available with greater strength in the cross direction [e.g.100X 200kN] to address specific crack conditions. The high strength is particularly important as asphalt concrete typically cracks at low strains. Some Paving Reinforcing Grids are available with the tack coat on the product providing a uniform bonding mechanism. NOTE: These grids do not provide waterproofing of the underlying base aggregate. See: Composite Paving Reinforcing Grids

Shingling” of all rigid interlayers required on horizontal curves.

Composite Paving Reinforcing Grids

Composite grids are comprised of high strength grids with nonwoven scrim [paving fabric]. This composite combines the excellent reinforcing properties of a high strength grid with optimum liquid asphalt retention capacity of a mechanically bonded fabric. Pavement Asphalt reinforcement by high-modulus grid, combined with the sealing and uniform bonding effect of the nonwoven geotextile, provides effective waterproofing, pavement enhancement and prolongs the working life of road structure.

Properly saturated Composite Paving Reinforcing Grid.