The future of the Interlayer industry, the growth and development, will be determined in large part by the value provided the customer. Value in our industry is measured by acceptable long-term performance of the interlayer system. In all aspects of construction, long-term performance is a direct result of choosing the right interlayer, the quality of construction practices and materials used to build the system.


The following components play the greatest role in performance of the final

  • Proper surface preparation
  • Application rate of bonding medium (tack).
  • Relative temperature of the bonding medium at the time of INTERLAYER embedment.
  • Asphalt concrete mix temperature, thickness, mechanical compaction and
    consequent density at lay down.


This Association believes that most “failures” in interlayer performance are the
direct result of one or a combination of the above key elements. By improving
construction inspection and lay down procedures as well as knowledge base, the
entire industry will benefit from improved long-term system performance.


Through a coordinated effort of various industry experts, AIA has produced a
QC/QA manual detailing the critical design, specification and inspection guidelines, equipment and tolerance limits for system quality control. This is supplemented by documents that;

  • A. Provide the technical information, forensic data, samples and actual case
    histories to confirm the hypotheses.
  • B. Provide inspection personnel with procedures, tests and a list of supplies
    necessary to monitor and assure a quality project.

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The AIA by-laws describe AIA’s purpose, membership, active officers and their duties, meetings, voting, Quorum, dues, election of offices, and amendments.

You may download our by laws by clicking the link proved below.

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